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When women appear to be counting or chronicling time, men often misinterpret our intention: You conclude that we are picky, finicky, neurotic, and bossy. The result is that you end up feeling controlled, commanded, scolded, and spied upon.

When men react this way to our focus on time, women feel hurt and misunderstood. "1 was only trying to be helpful," we think sadly. And that is the truth, guys. We're not trying to control you or act like your mother, even though it may appear that way—we just think we 're doing our job, in the same way we keep track of when the kids last ate, or when the laundry needs to be done, or when the mortgage is due.

What Women Want Men to Know:

Women keep track of time because we are trying to be helpful, not because we are trying to be controlling.

More accurately, women keep track of time and its rhythms because that is just the way we have been designed. We don't really even think about it.