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Monticello Media is a new Charlottesville-based company formed solely to purchase and operate six radio stations in Charlottesville as of October 2007. We do not have radio stations in any other markets. Our only focus and interest is serving Charlottesville area listeners and businesses. As a privately-held company, we don't have to weigh the whims of Wall Street against the needs of the constituents we serve.

Monticello Media's station mix is based on custom research conducted in the Charlottesville market. Our stations are designed to satisfy the interest and desires of our community and to allow area businesses to reach the most desirable consumers.

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Two more concepts that are fundamental to the Alexander Technique are 'end-gaining' and 'means whereby'. By end-gaining Alexander meant that we are so exclusively focused on reaching our desired goal that we do not consider how we get there; more specifically, we do not pay attention to our use. We automatically adopt our habitual misuse, and carry out the activity with unnecessary effort and tension. This principle of end-gaining is what keeps us locked into unconscious and automatic behaviour, according to Alexander.

He suggested that instead we should follow the 'means whereby' approach, that is, tine reasoned means to the gaining of an end. Our primary focus should be on the process by which we reach our goal, not on the goal itself. In so doing we will give ourselves time to become aware of our habitual response, and be able to work out the steps by which we can best reach our goal. In practice this involves inhibiting the habitual way of acting, and consciously projecting new directions, paying attention to our use throughout each of the steps involved in reaching the goal. In this way the old habits of misuse can be broken and new and improved use can be established.